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WELCOME on, my FANART website which presents you my work based on famous Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball and Marvel's X-MEN characters. All drawings and logos inspired by Dragon Ball and X-MEN on this site are created or freely redesigned by myself for fanart stuffs.
  DragonBall Z Simpsons !!! Update 05/02/2009
Dragonball Simpsons WALLPAPERS soon available here !

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Update 06/10/2008 - A lot of NEW WIDGETS!!!!!

New ZEN WIDGET Website!!!
-Naruto Widgets
-Dragonball Widgets
-Death Note, FMA, Saint Seiya...

You can download it and put it on your desktop!!!

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Update 11/12/2007 - New ! Page 29 -> 37
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  Mangomics NARUTO !
Dragonball Disney ! New !

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Update 12/12/2007 - Now 36 drawings !

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